Hiring. Simplified.

We are the ones who get the job done.

Experience the one and only end to end Contract Hiring process in the staffing industry – EminenceHire. Send in your requisition and get back to what you do best – focusing on growing your business. We will execute the entire hiring process, from sifting through resumes to interviewing shortlisted candidates and even training those who have been selected. Your only job would be to receive the people we deliver!

EminenceHire saves you time, effort and even cost, because it is executed by experts in recruitment & staffing. Almost two decades of experience have infused our hiring process with unmatched rigor. We are skilled not only at spotting talent, but even at assessing candidate’s cultural fit in an organization. We can look past fancy adjectives to accurately assess a candidate’s potential as well as intent, in order to deliver the talent that best fits in and adds value to your organization.

Benefits of EminenceHire

    Scope to refocus on core activities.

    Assured value for money

    The best talent fit spanning culture, aspirations and talent

    Ability to scale up in minimal time

    The Eminence Guarantee – If you are not satisfied within two weeks, we do not bill

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