Analytics/Information Management Solutions

Having data is one thing. Making sense of it, another.

Within the last decade data volumes have multiplied. Dealing with Terabytes of data has become common and soon businesses will have to analyze Petabytes. Organizations are actively seeking solutions that would help them to transform this data from an incomprehensible aggregation of apparently meaningless information to valuable business insights that lead to new opportunities. Eminence’s dedicated Analytics/Information Management Solutions practice enables organizations to study this continually growing body of dynamic data, identify patterns, decode opportunities and predict risks.

Eminence’s span of expertise in enterprise data management:

Big Data

Leverage Eminence's expertise to facilitate a Big Data movement in your organisation.

Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence

Since 1993, Eminence has been offering a range of services and solutions that meet the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence needs of organizations across diverse industries.

Data Integration

For over a decade, Eminence has been leveraging a tool based approach to either help organizations rebuild their IM infrastructure or upgrade to more robust platforms.

Data Governance

Eminence offers Data Governance solutions that are unique to each organization and are addressed and designed independently.

Eminence's Expertise in Enterprise
Data Management

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