Infrastructure Consulting and Facility Management

Is your IT Infrastructure future ready?

Identify areas that need improvement in order to better support business needs. Enable greater collaboration across your value chain. Achieve faster time to market for new offerings, standardize and streamline your IT environment and control costs.

Eminence Consulting Service Offerings

Infrastructure Strategy

Maximise your returns from your investments in IT infrastructure through Eminence’s Infrastructure Strategy Service. Make your infrastructure versatile and responsive and incorporate emerging technologies into existing infrastructure with ease. Recommend projects with the greatest potential for energy savings across a distributed environment and the data center. Identify suitable capabilities, tools and sequencing of projects for greatest business value.

Infrastructure Architecture

Rationalize and standardize your infrastructure to save on costly administrative staff and ensure business continuity using Eminence’s Infrastructure Architecture Service. Embrace flexibility and agility through a naturally scalable and modular infrastructure that provides a solid foundation for further growth.

Infrastructure Consolidation & Optimization

Consolidate your IT infrastructure to improve efficiency, save money and reduce energy consumption using Eminence’s Infrastructure Consolidation & Optimization Service. Rein in technology components such as servers, storage, desktop, computers, networks and mobile devices to maximize their utilization and hence maintain growth even in a sluggish economy.

Service Management

Manage your organization’s IT infrastructure more efficiently through Eminence’s specialized Service Management. Ensure IT service continuity by automating reactive IT management processes, managing risk and compliance, ensuring data integrity and audit readiness.


Optimize your IT infrastructure and exceed security and quality benchmarks through Eminence’s Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) service. Our Operations Management Centre - an effective combination of offshore, near shore and global delivery centres – specializes in ensuring uptime and availability of your infrastructure when you need it.

  • Save up to 60% on operational costs
  • Sidestep the cost of employee recruitment, training and up-skilling
  • Focus important resources on core business areas

Data Center Management

Simplify and streamline your Data Center operations using Eminence’s Data Center Management service. We specialize in improving reliability, performance and end-user satisfaction through our decades old hands-on expertise in this domain.

Server & Database Management

Identify and utilize the built-in scalability of your existing infrastructure and thereby pre-empt major expenditure using Eminence’s Server & Database Management service. Add middleware or services without disrupting day-to-day business. Continue to generate and maintain data for Business Intelligence, collaboration, customer service and decision making.

Backup and Storage Management

Deploy and manage a cost effective and yet robust data storage system that keeps pace with your organization’s growth with Eminence’s Backup & Storage Management service. Select the right technology, implement faultless backup procedures and ensure hassle free maintenance of the system. Achieve high performance, security and capacity while never worrying about data loss.

Asset & Inventory Management

Leverage Eminence’s Asset & Inventory Management service to streamline and automate your inventory processes. Make better purchase decisions with the help of accurate and up-to-date inventory changes. Study the trends in use and replacement to gain a deeper understanding of your business requirements.

Network (LAN & WAN) Management

Leverage Eminence’s expertise in Network Management to implement & maintain a customized network to serve your business needs. We specialize in diverse aspects of Network Management including monitoring, control, security, deployment and allocation.

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