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The War for Talent

Having the right technology is one thing. Having the right people to optimize it is another. Your business objectives will remain out of reach unless you get the two halves right. An organization is defined by its people and hence it is critical to find the right talent. But that’s easier said than done.

Consider the hurdles:

    How much does it cost to advertise a position/positions across owned and paid media?

    How much does it cost to short-list and interview aspirants?

    How much does it cost to provide in-house training to selected candidates?

    Is your HR department qualified to screen and hire for the said position?

    Are you positioning your organization accurately in order to attract top talent?

    What is the cost of a wrong hiring decision?

To overcome these hurdles, Eminence offers following professional services:

Staff Augmentation & Consulting

Increase your productivity and efficiency by quickly accessing high calibre talent through Eminence’s Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services

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 EminenceHire EminenceHire

Experience the one and only end to end Contract Hiring process in the staffing industry.

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Contingent Workforce Solution & Management

Leverage Eminence’s Contingent Workforce Solution & Management to get expert insights into your current contingent workforce model and identify opportunities to cut expenditure, enforce policies and maximize returns

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