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High (Service Levels + Performance + Availability) = Eminence AMS

In a competitive landscape defined by narrow margins, organizations must keep a keen eye on the performance of their enterprise applications. The deployment of applications alone is not sufficient. You need to ensure high service levels, performance and availability too. Application Maintenance Service, therefore, is a necessity to maintain the agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT applications.

Leverage Eminence’s Application Maintenance Services (AMS) to draw the best out of your existing IT applications. Our unique approach, developed over 20 years servicing customers around the world, takes into consideration services, information architecture, people and their future business requirements. Only on the basis of this information do we work on improving the performance and extending the life of your applications, ensure that they adapt to your evolving requirements and minimize system downtime. By optimizing the performance of your applications, we free up your time and resources and help you focus on your core business.

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Eminence Testing

Lower costs + More efficient testing strategies = Eminence Testing

While enterprises must maintain high Testing standards to ensure high business returns, they must do so within the scope of existing, or even lower, budgets. Combined with the need for minimizing business risk, meeting compliance guidelines and industry standards and ensuring customer satisfaction, there is hardly any room for errors.

Eminence, with over two decades of experience in Testing, enables organizations to balance this tightrope-walk. We reduce development and maintenance cost, lower the risk of IT failures, and minimize the time to market. Most importantly, we help our clients hit the bull’s eye by enabling them to meet business requirements.

Span of QA/Testing methodologies

Span of QA/Testing Service Offerings – both manual and automated

Functional Testing

Test your applications against business requirements. Validate the behaviour of your application and ensure that your system is ready for release.

Performance Testing

Assess how well can your application perform under specific circumstances. Drill down to the details and analyze the impact of load on your applications and their scalability.

Infrastructure Testing

Validate the scalability of your infrastructure components by testing each component thoroughly. Minimize downtime and bolster the performance of your IT infrastructure resulting in positive business impact.

SOA and Middleware Testing

Minimize risk of failure, reduce TCO and simplify interdependencies between functional groups by Eminence’s Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Middleware Testing. Increase your business agility and enhance the lifespan of your applications.

Security Testing

Secure your applications by identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities in the application layer. Leverage an end-to-end approach that covers all the stages of software development life cycle using industry best practices.

Data Warehouse Testing

Today, successful data warehousing is a pre-requisite for positive business impact. Focus on the end to end ETL process and detect data inconsistencies, evaluate data quality and data security and usability from an end-user perspective. Validate the loading of all specified rows, the accuracy of transformations and the efficiency of the data cleansing process.

ERP Applications Testing

Ensure that your ERP system delivers high performance throughout variable business conditions through Eminence’s ERP Applications Testing. Minimize business risk and cut costs by identifying and weeding out solutions that do not support business objectives before your system goes live.

Mobility Applications Testing

Don’t convert your customers into testers and risk losing business. Instead, leverage Eminence’s Mobility Applications Testing to fine tune the performance of your mobile application and deliver only the best performance to your target audience.

Usability (UX) Testing

Minimize product development costs by factoring in user feedback at every stage of development and thereby sharpening the focus on creating the desired end user experience.

Industry Specific Testing Solutions

Leverage Eminence’s cross-industry experience in Testing to improve the performance of your product. We offer cost effective solutions that reduce time to market in the BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom and Retail industries.

The Eminence Way:

    Improved software quality resulting in
         better control

    Deeper insights into the performance of
         Testing in IT delivery

    Reduced time to market at lower costs

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