The Eminence stamp is easy to spot – we are thorough.

Whatever we do, whether it is decoding our clients’ technology requirements, configuring the most cost effective IT solutions or interviewing candidates to fulfil our clients’ staffing needs, we are exhaustive. In fact, our clients are often delighted by our tendency to go above and beyond the SLAs, as their testimonials would attest.

Our attitude is fuelled by the twin needs of learning and relating. Across Eminence, people learn on their jobs day in and day out. Every single business experience is tucked away in the organizational memory to be utilized as a lesson. Similarly, we take relationships seriously. Clients, employees, candidates or our extended network of partners and vendors – we employ patience, thought and of course, the heart, in nurturing our engagement with each one of them.

Because of this approach, Eminence today is valued by clients, sought after by partners, and cherished by its employees.

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